80's Dance

80 Dance

The eighties was a great decade for dance music. Join the celebration with us as we count down the 100 most dance-worthy songs of the 80s.

The 80s Are Here!

We're going to take a walk down memory lane, back into the decade where music videos emerged and everybody had a shell suit in their wardrobe.

And to an integral part of that era - the great music. In particular the music that wanted to get you off your chair, stamp on the floor, do a twirl...all while showing off to the world your best dance moves.

Yes it's the greatest 80s dance songs! Now a word of note here, this list is not of the 100 best songs by how much money they made, or the number of copies sold. No if you want that you can go visit another site. Go on, ta ra!!!

This site is about the 100 greatest songs that in our humble opinion make you want to wiggle your hips or tap your toes or peck your noses or click your fingers incessantly. And trust us that our humble opinion is very good.

It includes songs not included in other lists but sure to get people dancing - yes those types of songs which for some reason or the other didn't sell too many copies - probably because they were so good that around this point the dancers would collapse on the dance floor and lose all pertinent memory!

The List

The list contains the top 100 greatest dance songs of the eighties in reverse order. Tabs along the tab for those of you that like to see numbers.

We've also included next to each of the top 10 entries a video of that very song for those of you with short memories or no memory at all. Aren't we good to ya!

And Mr And Mrs-Know-It-Alls that know all the songs and just want to see the damn list, there's a tab along the top as well it says 'Full List'. Pretty simple eh?

Ready, Steady, Lift Off!!!

Ok so we're ready, so you better be as well cos' we're about to start...

So here are the 100 greatest 80s dance songs (in our humble opinion) for you to enjoy. Miss 100 or more of these out at your dance party and you'll be staring at an empty dance floor!

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